Instructions for using the Bernie dialer for phonebanking

Phonebank for Bernie
Source: Bernie2016tv Live
Phonebankers Ivan and have trained didn’t find the Bernie dialer instructions easy to follow, so I created this instruction sheet with very detailed instructions. It tells you exactly how to set up your phone and computer up to start making calls.

You can phonebank from home or with a group. Hope you find this guide useful.

Rocking Westfield with bilingual Bernie Phonebanking (English & Spanish)

Yesterday 35 Berners turned out for the bilingual Bernie Phonebanking event at the Westfield NJ Starbucks. The first wave of people were kinda crushed for space so Hope took a group of about 10 to the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street and a couple of people headed over to the local libary.

The rest of us settled in at Starbucks and shared our cozy spaces as more people streamed in. Ivan, Peter Jacobs, Joscandy and I floated around the room helping everybody get their scripts prepared, log into the system and with resolving technical issues.