America enjoyed Bernie in the debate … Big Media, not so much

Bernie polling @ 81%
Source: CNN Politics Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015
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Bernie Sanders a long-time champion of voter rights

Sanders champions equality“When the Congressional Black Caucus asked me to present my discovery of the illegal purge of Black voters in Florida, only one white guy showed: Bernie Sanders. Hillary: MIA. I’m tired of hearing that Sanders doesn’t reach out to Black folk. He’s been on the front lines since Selma. I don’t endorse candidates — but I also don’t tolerate bullshit over facts.”

Greg Palast, on Facebook

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Huffpost: Bernie set to win Dem nomination

Huffpost reports

Senator Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination in 2016 not only because he can type an email without nationwide controversy, but also because he’s exhibited a monumental surge in the polls. This ascent within the hearts and minds of Democrats began several months ago, and will only continue with greater name recognition.

According to HuffPost Pollster, Clinton’s lead over Sanders among Democrats was an astounding 60.1 percent to a mere 4.9 percent on March 2, 2016. By August 26, 2015 Bernie Sanders surged all the way to 23.4 percent while Clinton fell to 47.1 percent. America should finally start to notice a political “revolution” in the making, especially since most Americans still don’t know much about Sanders, yet he still continues to rise in the polls.