Iowa put Bernie Sanders squarely on base. Now, go vote and bring him home.

Source: Nation of Change
Nation of Change points out that Bernie Sanders did well in Iowa. If Hillary hadn’t won all those coin-tosses to decide districts where the two candidates tied, Bernie in fact would have won the primary

Anonymous Endorses Bernie and gives 10 good reasons to support him

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The DNC sabotages Bernie campaign to give #Hillary a boost

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Bernie Sanders supporter Ann Rea comments on the story she shared: How the DNC is Sabotaging Bernie “is all over the news, New York Times and Washington Post,” she says.

Tell sign the petition DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to give voter access back to the Bernie campaign. Dem donations paid for the information and the access – and this is a cheap shot at suppressing Bernie’s ‘on fire’ popularity:

We demand that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately reinstate the Bernie Sanders campaign’s access to the DNC’s 50-state voter file, which is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the first Democratic caucuses. Shutting down Sanders’ tools to reach voters is an infringement on democracy.

Get on the nnj4bernie email list for more good info about the Bernie campaign

Are you a democratic socialist like Sanders – say, what is that, anyway?

Bernie at Georgetown
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Take the quiz to find out if you are a Democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders.

In a talk at Georgetown University, Bernie Sanders explains what a democratic socialist is.

Washington Post explains:

Sen. Bernie Sanders defined the phrase “democratic socialist” in a speech at Georgetown University Thursday afternoon, in an effort to clarify the unusual moniker he uses to describe his worldview for confused voters.

Being a democratic socialist means believing that government must guarantee its citizens’ material well being in order to truly protect their freedom, Sanders said, citing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“Real freedom must include economic security. That was Roosevelt’s vision 70 years ago. It is my vision today,” the Democratic presidential candidate said. “People are not truly free when they are unable to feed their family. They are not truly free when their are unable to retire with dignity. They are not truly free when they are unemployed, underemployed, or when they are exhausted from working 60 or 70 hours a week.”

Sanders also pointed out that .1% of Americans own the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90% do.

Bernie Sanders made the cover of Rolling Stones magazine

Bernie Sanders on Rolling Stones
Bernie Sanders on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine

Postal workers endorse Bernie!

The US postal workers union has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. Yay!

America enjoyed Bernie in the debate … Big Media, not so much

Bernie polling @ 81%
Source: CNN Politics Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015
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Huffpost: Bernie set to win Dem nomination

Huffpost reports

Senator Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination in 2016 not only because he can type an email without nationwide controversy, but also because he’s exhibited a monumental surge in the polls. This ascent within the hearts and minds of Democrats began several months ago, and will only continue with greater name recognition.

According to HuffPost Pollster, Clinton’s lead over Sanders among Democrats was an astounding 60.1 percent to a mere 4.9 percent on March 2, 2016. By August 26, 2015 Bernie Sanders surged all the way to 23.4 percent while Clinton fell to 47.1 percent. America should finally start to notice a political “revolution” in the making, especially since most Americans still don’t know much about Sanders, yet he still continues to rise in the polls.