Bernie Sanders DIY campaign resources for NNJ supporters

Sanders campaignBelow is some Bernie Sanders organizing information for supporters in northern New Jersey (NNJ). Updates will be posted as we learn of new resources and information. Please post your own additions in a comment and I’ll move appropriate entries to the main list.

The Bernie Sanders for President is a decentralized campaign in New Jersey. Because our primary comes so late in the season, early primary states get attention and funding first. This means we NJ folk should take a DIY approach and support each other’s activities locally. In Bernie’s grassroots funded campaign, there are only a handful of paid staff formulating the campaign strategy, pushing out messaging and physically supporting Sanders’s appearances around the country. So, let’s do our part.

If you would like to do some campaigning or campaign coordination in NNJ: you are welcome to support me, another organizer, or you can become an organizer in your own right. Contact me or indicate your interest in a comment and I’ll share whatever knowledge and information I can. I’m sure you and other organizers will do the same. After all, we all want to win this thing, right?

Bernie Campaigning in North Jersey

Campaign Resources and Tools

National Campaign Office Resources

Other NJ Bernie Organizers & Campaign Groups

North Jersey for Bernie Sanders
Millenials Rise for Bernie Sanders (They post lots of shareable flyers and other materials.)
Newark for Bernie